This simulation model is designed to assess time studies and production capacity in a steel manufacturing setting within a defined layout, considering various scenarios such as producing different steel grades or adjusting equipment speeds. The flexibility to modify equipment specifications and material flows enables an in-depth analysis of the production system, facilitated by a user-friendly dashboard 

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Case study 1
L&X developed a simulation of operations and mechanisms of steel-melting furnace for control room operator training. It was used for Understanding Scenarios, Training and Control Room Simulation.

Case study 2
We collaborated with a Canadian composite manufacturer to showcase their proprietary straps, anchor base mechanism, and installation procedures, enabling marketing at tradeshows and offering invaluable training and remote installation assistance.

Case study 3
We meticulously simulated the entire aluminum recycling, melting, and casting process. This encompassed everything from raw material storage to logistics optimization, making us pioneers in employing data synchronization techniques for process simulation and operational optimization.

Case study 4
Through detailed evaluation, modeling, and simulation, we identify and mitigate production bottlenecks, enhancing equipment utilization, timing, and operational schedules to maximize productivity.

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